I am Debbie; I am a wife, mom and an entrepreneur in the making.   I love God and believe that without him I am nothing. I believe in living my life God first, family second and everything else next. It is an understatement to say that life has not been the easiest for me, however through it all, I continue to believe, to trust and to push. Family means everything to me,  I have been married nineteen years and that has had its many challenges as well.  I believe that there is a greater purpose for everything I have been through. I am still learning and growing, however, I do believe  I have gained enough wisdom throughout to help someone else and thankfully one of the things I am extremely passioned about is to lift other women, I am one of those women who will be going through something really difficult, but in the midst of it I will still be able to uplift another woman going through.


I started cooking at the age of nine, for me my siblings and mom, and today it is one of the things that bring me the greatest joy. To go in my kitchen and cook a delicious home cook meal for my family and friends, fills me with joy. Growing up in Jamaica in a small town in Clarendon, things was not the easiest for me, but at this time in my life, I have come to truly appreciate all the hard work and discipline that I learned from those times. I try to pass some of that on to my children and I must admit, not always the easiest.





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