Simple and Delicious Chicken Parmesan

Simple and Delicious Chicken Parmesan

Now that summer break is over and the children are back in school, not only I’m I looking for a simple and delicious meal, as well as meals that are awesome for prep ahead. This Chicken Parmesan fits both those criteria so it makes a wonderful weeknight dinner.
3 lbs chicken breast tenderloin( I use the tenderloin because they are already thin, unlike if you use the whole breast they can not only be large but a bit on the thick side so you would have to pound them out.
2 eggs beaten
1 cup panko bread crumbs
3 tbsp olive oil
2 tbsp unsalted butter
1 ( 23.5) oz jar of really good Marinara sauce
I cup of Shredded Parmesan cheese
1/4 cup of grated parmesan cheese

After washing chicken pieces with water and vinegar or lemon juice, pat dry with paper towel or a clean kitchen cloth, Season with salt and pepper, set aside. In a bowl add the panko bread crumbs and grated parmesan cheese, mix and combine really well. Using a skillet Heat olive oil on medium heat, add butter let melts, this helps to not only give the chicken flavor, but I nice brown crust on the outside.Dip chicken pieces in egg wash, then in panko and parmesan mixture, brown on each side, about 3 minutes on each side.Do this in sets, set aside on a plate, with a paper towel, when done in the same pan, add the jar of Marinara Sauce, bring to a low simmer, place chicken pieces on top layering them out evenly, turn the heat down to low. then add shredded parmesan cheese on top by layering, cover and sit about 5 minutes before turning off the heat.
Serve with spaghetti or pasta of choice

Hello, I am a wife and mother who just love cooking for my family and friends. Cooking is a great passion of mine. I am Jamaican and love to cook Jamaican dishes, but my children do not always agree with what they like, so I have had to change recipes around for there liking .