Fingerlicking Bake Chicken, Smothered in Gravy

Fingerlicking Bake Chicken, Smothered in Gravy


I have made baked chicken with gravy before, but like so many of us who loves to cook, we are always trying to improve a recipe or one up a recipe. I can tell you I did with this one and I believe that gravy made all the difference. I served this with flavored smashed potatoes and goodness they are just about as good as the chicken.Fron the responses I got this will be added to the menu quite often. I will give you the recipe in steps so please bare with me.

Fingerlicking Bske Chicken Smothered in Gravy
• 5 chicken legs lbs and 4 thighs bone and skin on ( about 3 ½
• 1 stick of butter ( softened)
• 3 garlic cloves ( minced)
• Sprigs of 1 fresh rosemary( remove the leaves and minced)
• 2 tsp dry thyme
• 1/8 cup vinegar ( for washing and cleaning the chicken 0
• ½ Tsp black pepper
• 1 ½ Tsp garlic powder ( I used roasted garlic powder )
• 1 ½ Tsp adobo all purpose seasoning
• 1 ½ Tsp creole seasoning
• 1 ½ Tsp old bay seasoning
Preheat oven to 400
Place chicken pieces in a large bowl covered in water add white vinegar and let sit for 2-3 minutes, in the mean time in a small bowl add softened butter, add minced garlic, minced rosemary, and thyme. Using a spatula combine the butter with the other ingredients really well. Wash and drain chicken, removing any excess fat, any extra hanging skin. Pat dry each piece with a paper towel or clean kitchen cloth. Layer each piece of chicken in a baking dish. Season each piece with the dry seasoning being sure that each side is covered. ( Once I sprinkled all the dry seasonings on the chicken I used my hands to get it all in really well). Then using the spatula spread the butter mixture over each piece of chicken on each side (this will be a little task, do not worry it does not have to be perfect). Cover with foil and bake for 1 hour. For the last 15 minutes remove the foil paper and finish uncovered

Gravy ( Begin to work on gravy the final 15 minutes of chicken baking, right at the time you removed the foil paper
• 2 tbsp olive oil
• ½ stick of butter
• 2 garlic cloves ( minced )
• 1 large onion sliced
• 1 cup chicken broth ( low sodium)
• Juice from bake chicken about 1 cup
• 1 tsp red pepper flakes
• 2 tbsp all purpose flour
In a sauce pan with a lid, heat olive oil and melt butter on medium heat, add minced garlic and sliced onions, sauté till softened about 2-3 minutes. Add flour and stir continuously for about 4 minutes, then pour all liquid in bringing to a boil, add chicken pieces in a layer in the pot, sprinkle the red pepper flakes, cover and cook about 20 minutes.
Note: This was served with rosemary garlic butter smashed potatoes.


Hello, I am a wife and mother who just love cooking for my family and friends. Cooking is a great passion of mine. I am Jamaican and love to cook Jamaican dishes, but my children do not always agree with what they like, so I have had to change recipes around for there liking .

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