This curry chicken just gave me life…thank Debbie Doyle for the recipe
…it was on point…



Debbie Doyle I applaud you again…I made your oven baked jerk chicken…but I tweak it by blending it with scotch bonnet and without the gravy…at first I thought it wasn’t spicy but it snook up on me…my grandson said it was delicious…thanks again…



Debbie Doyle you are my motivation! This is so eerie because I was thinking about you while making fritters. Ever since you started posting your meals especially with the girls I realized I have get to place where I enjoy cooking for/ with my daughter again. Life gets busy and cooking is like a chore but I’m trying to see it as bonding and passing my dishes cultural and otherwise to my daughter. Thank you for being an inspiration to me. Happy Monday( Black History Month)

Julie King….



Hi Debbie,
Thank you so very much for helping me with cooking! I am a vegan, however, my husband is not. Your delicious meal (curry chicken with rice and peas) was truly enjoyed by my husband. Thank you so much for instructing me step by step on how to cook an authentic Jamaican meal. I look forward to working with you in the future, and learning how to cook more tasty meals! God bless!!
~Yolanda Nash, Esq.



First Cornbread I’ve ever made from scratch. Best cornbread I’ve had bar none. Thank you Debbie Doyle. Your Sweet Potato Cornbread is all you said it was. It’s absolutely delicious. It’s a winner in my household. We all love it. My guests all love. Thank you.

Carrol Eubanks