Food and Family


There is no denying that home cooked meals are what is best for your family. Why you ask? For reasons most would agree.

  1. It is healthier.  It is healthier because you have choice of how you prepare your food, as well as what you put in it.  So you know for sure what is in it, and not having to rely on some  label, which we know are not always good source of information. We know that  simply because something has the label non fat, that means absolutely nothing  because it is more about the ingredients.   Cooking at home, you   are able to eliminate or minimize sodium, fats , sugars and other harmful ingredients in food. 
  2. Food Allergies. If you or someone in your family has food allergies, cooking at home, you can be assured knowing that the food is safe for those with food allergies. 
  3. Cleanliness.   This is one of my biggest fear for me in eating out  and that is eating food prepared in an unclean unsanitary kitchen. I have watched enough reality shows on restaurants on the food network to know what some of these establishments kitchen can look like. I have also seen enough on local tv. I get so disgusted at certain things. As a woman I pride myself on keeping a clean home, my kitchen has to be spotless at all time, I mean this is where I prepare and cook food. So the thought of eating food prepare and or cooked in a dirty kitchen really gives me the chills. When I was a little girl growing up in Jamaica my grandmother was a feisty woman and from a young age she taught me not eat from people I felt was not clean. And so if I visited a friends home and it was not as clean as my moms or grandmother, as soon as dinner was done, I would leave, I once had a close friend and neighbors mom actually cornered me about that one time. She actually said I noticed you always leave as soon as I am done making dinner, why. I simply said I had not eaten at home yet and that my mom or grandmother would be upset if I could not eat my dinner. 
  4. Knowledge ,  Cooking at home more frequently allows you to learn more about the foods you prepare. There are some food allergies that are not life threatening, but can cause real discomfort and so when you cook at home, you get to learn this. I mean who wants to eat a delicious meal only for afterwards to either be in pain, be bloated, nauseous and or just down right uncomfortable.
  5. More Cost Effective, Eating out all the time can become costly, so why not save some of that money to buy things you really need, or save for something important and learn to prepare more home cooked meals
  6. Memories. If you have a family let me assure you some of the great memories I have had with my children son and daughters are in the kitchen cooking together.  Allowing them to be creative, oh they love it. 

There is a saying that everything begins at home, well I believe this is a great opportunity to teach children so much, such as portion control, healthy eating habits, healthy nutrition, food safety . That is priceless. What a great way to bring up the next generation. 

It is time to get back to What Matters and that is Family, home and life. The important things. just because you can afford to do something does not make it the right thing to do, everything is a balance. 

But more importantly cooking at home bring families together, there is so much joy in it. As a mom one of my greatest joys are when my daughters would join me in the kitchen cooking, or even when they sat at the table while I am cooking or preparing something and they have questions, much like I did with my grandmother growing up. It shows me that they are interested and that I have set a good example for them. It also gives me a opportunity to connect, bond with them. Another great thing my teens now prefer to go in the kitchen with me or by themselves to whip something up to eat rather than fast food, or junk food, in my book that is big ole Yayyy mommy you did good..

My thirteen year old the youngest is the baker in the family, she is still shy about me getting her on camera so no rush, I know she will come around, then my sixteen year old, that is the one with that big hair she prefers Jamaican and then the oldest one, the tall one, well they are all pretty tall, she is all about the cheesy stuff ( we are working on that). I remember when they were younger and my husband did not have to work weekends, every Sunday morning was big breakfast with Dad, where he would try to get up early before me and make a big family breakfast, the girls would of course join him. Most mornings I’d pretend I was sleeping just to let them, then once they get started I would get somewhere close just so I could listen in on them, some of the best moments ever.It is all about how you present it to them, kids are extremely smart and they do follow examples.

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