Is it not funny how Blessings requires hard work to maintain.

Families are yes made up of different types of imperfection, no two people in a family are the same. Everyone has different personalities, different likes and dislikes and so it can be sometimes hard to maintain a happy and healthy family

It takes real work to create and build good, happy families. IT requires team work. Every member of each family has a responsibility to that family to make it work and be good for everyone. No member of the family can be selfish, there has to be a willingness to forgive, and offer help when needed. Love must be shown through actions and not just words.Our children learn forgiveness, patience, love, trust and all those good qualities that make them good people from home and it is imperative we influence through actions more than we do words.

A little on my family consist of me my husband and our three teen daughters, although I do have two adult children no longer at home. The three at home are Jordana who just turned 19, Haley who just turned 17 and Jade who will be 14 in November and so yes you can imagine with three teen girls at home, things can get little nuts.